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I'm Matthew

Owner of Quiet Mind Yoga and your yoga instructor and guide through this program!

During this 21 Day Yoga Immersion we will work on committing to self-care through yoga! If there is anything 2020 taught us it is that we need to take care of our well being.  Myself and two other AMAZING facilitators want to give you the tools to do just that! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and that's what we hope you do with this program.  PLUS since it is the month of February, which I always correlate with Valentine's Day, we will work on mending any type of broken heart.  Whether it's a broken heart due to death, the state of the world, from a breakup or something from long ago, you will have the opportunity to heal!  On top of all of it you'll have a whole community with you on this journey.

Sound like something you are called to?  Well keep reading to see what we will be doing throughout the 21 days.  On this journey you will practice yoga asana (postures), various meditations, pranayama (breathwork), yoga nidra, reiki (energetic cleansing), human behavior/awareness work and more. Each day will be a different class focusing on the various aspects listed above.  I chose these specifically because they are the tools that I go to in my daily life to keep me balanced and help me grow and heal. Plus they have AMAZING benefits!

It has been scientifically proven that yoga asana & breathing techniques can aide with treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, cardiovascular issues and much more.  Similarly meditation can have the same affects and can even help to rewire the pathways of the brain and boost immunity.  On top of all this yoga nidra has been proven to boost dopamine levels, regulate blood sugar, and improve the quality of your sleep.  

Guest Facilitators


Dr. Vanessa Febles

*Holistic Physical Therapist*Reiki Master*

*Yoga Instructor*


Courtney Alana Ward

*Integrative Wellness and Life Coach*

:*Reiki Certified*


Courtney is an actor, singer, writer, and mentor in New York city.  She began her awareness practice 9 years ago to facilitate health, happiness, and success in her personal and professional life.  In her human behavior work she focuses on identifying habits and patterns to release the ones that no longer serve you, learning to observe the mind and use it as a tool instead of letting its chatter sit in the driver's seat of life and run on autopilot, and transforming perceived obstacles into pathways to fulfill personal and professional dreams.  She is a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, 9 years mentor training with Point of Possibility, and level 2 Reiki certified.  

Vanessa Febles is the founder of Dynamic Balance, Inc. in Tampa, Florida; a concierge and virtual practice in which she leads with her intuitive abilities.  With over 11 years experience as a physical therapist, she has seen how clients‘ biographies affect their biologies.  She began to investigate mind body medicine, became a Reiki Master, Holistic Coach and Yoga instructor and now integrates several modalities in her body work including chakra balancing. Her mission is to help people see where they are stuck and help them go beyond their perceived limitations to manifest their deepest desires.  By giving them empowering tools, they have an opportunity to break the cycles that keep them in pain. She loves to be of service and co create a safe space for her clients to be more aware of their own intuition.

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Explore a variety of yoga practices to aid your body (physical, mental and emotional). Plus gain tools to curate your own consistent yoga practice.

We will explore yoga poses to benefit the body (physical, mental and emotional).


Get the opportunity to work on mending a broken heart during this month of love. 


Receive the healing benefits of Reiki.  Allow it to unblock, realign, and center you.


Participate in a group Human Behavior/Aware-ness class where whomever would like can work through any perceived obstacles/blocks.


Alllow yourself to be supported by fellow participants 

via a Private Facebook Group and group discussions.

What we'll experience...

What People Say

Matthew's Immersions are incredible.  He has created the most beautiful space and community for healing.  The combination of different types of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and guest facilitators are wonderful and ensure anyone can attend and receive physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health.

Courtney Ward

(New York, NY) 

See the details below...

This program is for anyone who feels they need to commit to a self-care routine all while having the opportunity to mend a broken heart.
-We will explore yoga practices to benefit the body (physical, mental and emotional). While at the same time giving you a variety of practices you can use in your daily life.
-Utilize this time to heal the heart.
-Receive the benefits of Reiki.
-Be a part of a group that can hold space and support others.
-Each week will have at least 5 days of practice.
-Utilize what is coming up for you and allow it to help you grow!
February 1st - February 27th, 2021
Monday - Friday @7pm CST
Saturday @11am CST
Classes will be Monday-Friday with 1 class on Saturday the 27th.
(Classes will vary from 45min. - 90min.)
All classes will be via Zoom!  If you are unable to join us live I will have all the classes recorded and added to a private facebook group that all members will have access too. PLUS the private facebook group will be a beautiful resource to connect and share with others who are all here to support each other.
How much:  
$199 (Deposit of $75 to reserve your space) Payment Plans Available!
Includes: Immersion classes (Live & Recordings), 1 Pink QMY Sweatshirt + Special Gift (Shipping Included), and Access to Private Facebook Community.
*A week before the Immersion you will be sent a link to join our Private Facebook Group as well as a Calendar of the classes 

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About the 21 Day Program

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